Archducy of Novblessed

Archduchy of Novblessed

Capital Novblessed
Population 2,375,000 (50% Human, 20% Elvish, 10% Giant, 5% Dwarves, 5% Halflings, 3% Sibeccai, 3% Verrick, 3% Half Elvish, 1% Others)
Government Monarchy
Religion Marvaila, Archavaila, Etenra, Shalra, Bal’ristra, Kirarathan, Elvish Pantheon, Giantish Pantheon, Lamristar, Palrcana
Imports Furs, Lumber
Exports Weapons, Art, Magical Items

Founded over about fifteen hundred years ago by an empire to serve as its southern frounter the Archduchy of Novblessed is the only territory of the empire to survive its collapse. Blessed with decent rulers who governed with wisdom and intelligences, and a land rich in resources Novblessed has risen as a wealthy nation.

Novblessed main wealth and power rest in its capital were ships stop for lay overs before continuing south or north. A beautiful city believed to be free of corruption, be beneath its surface corruption bubbles trying to the surface and take over the city.

Life and Society

Novblessed is a mixed land. Sitting as it does at the northern tip of Dalinvold. It has been the natural immigration location for people moving north to Voya and beyond or coming south to Dalinvold.

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Archducy of Novblessed

Etenra Ebramsom